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Occupational Health Services

Sickness Absence Medical Assessment

Sickness absence assessment aims to determine the various factors influencing the employee’s illness and absence from work, with a view to recommending medical and workplace interventions that allow an effective rehabilitation into the workplace.

Sickness absence is usually a complex process involving

  • medical factors,
  • workplace factors,
  • psychosocial factors.

Sickness absence can have

  • predisposing factors that increased the risk of illnesses,
  • precipitating factors that triggered the illness
  • maintaining factors that prolong the illness

Restricted duties are normally recommended for a specific time period, (subject to management’s ability to facilitate this). On their return to work, employees can be regularly reviewed by our Doctor to monitor their progress and determine a return to full normal duties.

The Occupational Health Physician may also assist in:

  • Interpreting information on medical certificates.
  • Advice on accommodating health needs of employees with long term disabilities.
  • Ensure compliance with Disability legislation, Health and Safety Legislation
  • Developing an effective sickness absence policy for your organisation

Short Term Sickness Absence

In many cases of short, frequent periods of sickness leave, the employee responds best to management intervention, as part of the organisation’s attendance management programme.

The Occupational Health Physician can support the employee and employer in determining whether there is a developing underlying health issue that is presenting in short, frequent periods of sickness absence, and help resolve the issue at an early stage.

The Occupational Health Physician can support the employer in ruling out medical factors, workplace factors or psychosocial factors, and liaising with the employee’s treating GP

Long Term Sickness Absence

The employee is requested to attend the Occupational Health Physician for a consultation. At the consultation the employee’s medical history is taken, and the OHP attempts to get to the root cause of the illness/injury, the OHP reviews the medical treatment that the employee is currently receiving and accesses a timeframe for a return to work and the options for a graded return to work or return to work on temporary restricted duties

The MedWise Occupational Health Physician will document a clear and comprehensive medical reports based on object medical evidence from the consultation. The OHP will work with both the employer and employee to achieve the best possible outcome.

Sickness Absence Policy Development

MedWise can work with employers to develop best practice policies to pro-actively manage sickness absence.