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MedWise Occupational Health and Travel Health Services

Nurse-Led Occupational Health Services

Occupational Vaccinations

Vaccinations to protect employees from biological HazardsAn Occupational Vaccination program is designed to protect employees from infection from biological Hazards in the workplace, such as

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Tetanus

A vaccination program complements universal precautions and protection against exposure to biological hazards

On-Site Vaccination Programs for protection from infectious diseases

MedWise offer on-site vaccination programs for prevention of ill-health from exposure to biological hazards, we can set-up a mobile vaccination centre at your premises and provide the medical staff to carry out the vaccinations.

The On-Site Vaccination would be suitable for:

  • Waste Management Workers
  • Waste Recycling Workers
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Child Care Workers
  • First Aiders

Common Biological hazards:

Hepatitis A: This viral illness is also spread by food or water contaminated with raw sewerage. This disease is not usually fatal, but causes jaundice lasting several weeks.

Hepatitis B: This serious disease is spread through blood, the virus can survive outside the human body for at least 7 days, the risk would be from cuts from sharp refuse, needle stick injury, blood/saliva splash

Tetanus: Tetanus occurs throughout the world. The tetanus bacteria enter the body through wounds/cuts and release a deadly toxin which can cause paralysis.

The vaccine is routinely given to infants at birth. A booster should be given every 10 years.