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Occupational Health Policy Development

Why Occupational Health Policies ?

MedWise - Occupational Health Policy Development Having Occupational Health policies in place is a pro-active approach that establishes systems and policies to manage Occupational Health in the workplace.

The benefits to HR and management of having Occupational Health policies in place are:

  • Policies enable consistent, clear, effective actions to resolve health issues as they arise in the workplace.
  • Avoid fire-fighting, inconsistencies, conflict and confusion.

MedWise can work with you to produce an integrated, practical and effective suite of policy documents that form the foundation of your Occupational Health management system. These policies would be integrated with, and supportive of your existing Health and Safety Policies.

At the top level, we can review your organisation’s overall Health and Safety policies (the Safety Statement, hazard identification and risk assessment)

At the HR Management level, we can review policies and procedures for

  • Pre-Employment Medical Policy
  • Accident Investigation and Reporting
  • Sickness Absence Policy
  • Bullying & harassment, and conflict resolution
  • Occupational First Aid System
  • Substance Abuse Policy (Drug and Alcohol Policy)

At the operating level, we can review your operating procedures to ensure that effective health and safety practices are in place at the work instruction level.

The Benefits to your Organisation are

  • Reduced incidence of accidents, injury and illness
  • Compliance with the Safety, Health and Welfare Legislation
  • Reduce Employer Liability / Reduced risk of litigation

MedWise professionals use a structured systematic approach to ensure all health, safety and legal issues pertaining to your business have been identified and control measures established.

MedWise also offer specific training and awareness programs to communicate your policies to your employees, including full employee Health and Safety Handbook preparation services.