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MedWise Occupational Health and Travel Health Services

What is Medical Case Management ?

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  • Case management is a co-ordinated approach to getting the best treatment for your employee to facilitate early recovery and return to work.
  • Case Management is the implementation of the recommended treatment plan with periodic review of progress towards recovery.
  • Case Management ensures optimum medical treatment and rehabilitation.

Need Case Management ?

In circumstances where:

  • periodic medical assessments of the case are required.
  • the employer is willing to sponsor treatments or where the employee has medical insurance

then case management will be of benefit.

Benefits of Medical Case Management

Single Point of Contact

  • The case manager will co-ordinate the treatment plan and review reports from the treating specialists.
  • MedWise can navigate the health system to ensure prompt, effective treatment.
  • Long term sickness absence (1-2 years) will not resolve without recourse to independent medical case management.

Expertise in Treatment Plans

MedWise use evidence based treatment protocols for a wide range of conditions.

Referral to Specialists

We have built a referral network of medical specialists, scanning centers, counselors, and physiotherapists who understand the needs of occupational health.

Periodic Medical Review

Medical review assessments monitor progress to plan, and adjust treatment accordingly Medical review assessments are an integral part of case management and critical to its success.

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